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VS Techno Cast was founded to be a different kind of company from day one. At VSTC, customer success and excellence are the top corporate goals, with sales and profits being the natural outcomes. We have essentially turned on ahead and accepted order of priorities , in most companies, where sales and profits are the goals and customer satisfaction is the expected outcome.


The unsurpassed customer loyalty we enjoy confirms our corporate philosophy, not to mention the strong sales and profitability growth we have witnessed in our history.

Customers always choose VSTC for the high quality and the reliability of our products and services for Investment Casting. But those who go beyond - to get to know us beyond our service offerings - choose VS Tech Cast for our philosophy because it works for them.

Head in the Clouds; Feet on the Ground

VSTC's philosophy is a practical one. Here's how it works, every day, for our customers, our employees, and our company:

  • Our corporate commitment to integrity gives our staff the courage to do what is right, not expedient.
  • The pursuit of excellence creates an energized, innovative climate.
  • Intelligent solutions are identified every day, by people thriving on VSTC's unique corporate culture.

Customer success—a notion that stretches beyond "customer satisfaction"— is the ultimate result of all of the above.

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VS Techno Cast belongs to a group of companies called VS Engineers which was founded in 1992. VS Techno Cast and VS Engineering was soon catapulted into the major leagues of the Investment Casting business through a strategic alliance with VS Engineering. This alliance made available to us the resources required to develop pioneering technology—a tradition that VSTC has maintained.

Technological leadership, perfection, quality, and reliability have been, and remain, our hallmarks. VSTC has maintained a balanced, deliberate growth over the past.

The people who choose to work with VSTC thrive within our corporate philosophy and pursue excellence for its own sake. True quality is only realized if excellence is woven into the very fiber of a company—inherent in the management and accepted by the employees from the day they join in. VSTC individuals are inspired by the energized climate at VSTC.

VSTC perpetuates our productive and rewarding environment through employment and management practices that hinge on:

  • Merit-based evaluation
  • Recognition of excellence
  • An open structure that fosters communication and egalitarianism

Before beginning any project we first invest our time and attention to "learn" your organization, its needs, goals, and resources. Then we use this information to create value-added intelligent solutions. The result is the delivery of intelligent solutions through.

VS Techno Cast is a privately-held company and headquartered in Rajkot, India. We are premier supplier of complete-to-print, high-volume, full-service commercial investment castings. It leads the industry for high unit volume production, shorter lead times, and reduced inventories. The company produces castings in over 100 different alloys for a broad spectrum of domestic and offshore markets that include a significant portion of the automotive, golf, military/defence and aerospace industries.

VS Techno Cast a well laid out modern plant manufacturing the total spectrum of Investment Castings made from Ferrous and Non-Ferrous and its alloy with installed capacity of 200 MT. per annum and spread over and area of 10000 sq. mt. land. And considered to be one of the best manufacturing unit of precision Investment Casting having in-house advanced technologies to develop and manufacture castings of highest quality, functionality and cost effectiveness.

VSTC's steady, dependable growth as industry and employer rests on sound financial management, a long-term outlook, private ownership, capital reinvestment and continuous technical innovation. VSTC will persist in the development of investment casting and related technologies in order to offer ever-better products and services to its established and new markets throughout the world.

VSTC has integrated all experimental equipments, advanced engineers, well trained technicians and some time on site operators to enhance R & D activities to make a new era. Such continuous R & D activities make possible to support current production technology and improve manufacturing processes at VSTC, which are critical to meet the demands of tomorrow.

We manufacture castings to virtually any customer requirement, from commercial grade to customized applications. Investment castings are manufactured in a weight range from under 1 ounce up to 200 pounds. Alloys are melted in high frequency induction furnaces, offering complete flexibility and metallurgical dependability.

Support services include casting design and reverse engineering, tooling of dies and fixturing, rapid prototyping, heat treating including air, atmosphere and vacuum, complete machining facility, non-destructive testing, passivation and other surface treatments and finally assembly and packaging.

At VSTC we manufacture Precision Near Net Shape Investment Castings for a wide range of industries such as pump and valve, pulp and paper, forestry, electrical, oil and gas, agricultural, consumer product, instrumentation, food, conveying, furnace, process and others.

We offer quick casting turnaround at economical prices and a top quality documented supply of castings to meet or exceed your specifications. Put yourself ahead of the competition with lost wax investment castings from VSTC, Precision Castings Division. We are "Technology Driven/Customer Led".

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VSTC customers will tell you, there is a difference in doing business with this company. A difference in the products and services offered. A whole different approach to project management and the creation of intelligent solutions.

And we have the success stories and quotes for Investment Casting projects to prove it. There is also a fundamental difference in the people you interact with at VSTC. Their motivation is different - improving product and service offerings for customers. Not because they "have to" because of contract specifications but because it is in their very nature to seek excellence for its own sake.

Creativity is the fuel that drives the VSTC workforce - and the destination is customer success. It has been woven into our corporate philosophy since the founding of the company, not an empty slogan adopted after the fact. And also because we believe that our success follows our customers' success. We invite you to experience the difference of working with an VSTC team.


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