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  Putting Customers First  
VS Techno Cast’s customer-oriented employees make the customer the starting point for every decision and action whether or not their jobs put them face-to-face with a customer representative. They respond to customer needs as if they were the company’s only business—which, indeed, they are. They treat every customer representative, decision-maker or not, with respect, courtesy and friendliness, maintaining the highest level of professional behavior and conduct.
Application Depth and Technical Expertise
As the leading global supplier of commercial investment castings, that customer focus has led VS Techno Cast to establish facilities specializing in certain segments of the market, such as valves, nonferrous, golf, handtools, automotive and other machine components. Internal sales and engineering are likewise organized by type of product or alloy. Online order processing generates production documentation as quickly as possible. Online shop reporting makes the status of every order constantly available. More than 10 engineers and metallurgists in eight locations around the world assist customers every day in the design and making of carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, copper base, titanium, nickel and cobalt alloy parts in sizes which would fit into an 18-inch (457mm) box. (You can see the diversity of parts and alloys in VS Techno Cast’s large parts database, which can be searched quickly by part characteristics to find parts similar to yours.)
State-of-the-Art Facilities
VS Techno Cast’s three manufacturing facilities vary from almost total manual operation to fully automated, enabling the most appropriate processing for any part and its volume of production. Even if only one rapid prototype is needed, outstanding local facilities with many rapid prototyping methods are ready to give quick service.
Simplify your purchasing and reduce cost and lead times by providing onestop shopping.
All the equipment and processes required to complete your part inhouse.

Capabilities include:
• World-class tool engineering and making for pattern dies and all of the fixtures and gages needed to process part
• A variety of pattern making machines for low and high volume parts
• Both water-base and ethyl silicate shell systems to assure the lowest cost ceramic molds
• Gravity and countergravity casting of airmelted metals
• Three vacuum casting processes
• Three methods of ceramic shell removal
• Extensive atmosphere controlled and vacuum heat-treating furnaces
• Straightening presses and machine tools too numerous to list here
• Surface treatment processes
• High-quality packing and shipping to assure safe arrival of your parts at your plant
• Certified technicians to perform all in-process inspections—chemical analysis, x-ray, fluorescent penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection and ultrasound When the part volume warrants it, VS Techno Cast can set up dedicated manufacturing lines for maximum economy. Such lines have been set up for complete manufacturing of pliers for sporting/utility hand multitools, automotive rocker arms, golf irons and woods, diesel engine precombustion chambers and other mechanical subassemblies. VS Techno Cast also uses well-controlled synchronous manufacturing methods to assure low cost and short cycle times.

Exclusive Technologies
VS Techno Cast has the most extensive array of casting processes in the industry. This repertoire includes the many variations of its exclusive countergravity investment casting process. Several of these processes have been featured more than once as the cover stories of different national trade journals. Other benefits are the result of VS Techno Cast’s continuous investment in research and development over the years.
Leading with Integrity
VS Techno Cast’s management is committed to unquestionable integrity in the conduct of its business. This is defined in a published code of Conduct issued to all employees and VS Techno Cast vendors and available to VS Techno Cast customers. Each VS Techno cast employee is trained every year in how to work under this code. The company also maintains a telephone hotline so that employees can anonymously report any suspected instance of code violation. Every instance is investigated and published to emphasize VS Techno Cast’s dedication to high ethical standards. This, combined with process and quality controls that exceed industry standards by a wide margin which ensures that the parts VS Techno Cast makes for you will perform in your application
Flexibility, Choice Cost...
Investment casting produces “near net shape” configurations, offering designers and engineers freedom of design in a wide range of alloys. The process is capable of producing precise detail and dimensional accuracy in parts weighing many pounds or just a few ounces.

More than 120 ferrous and nonferrous metals are routinely cast at VS Techno Cast.

By offering “near net shape” configuration, fixturing costs are substantially reduced or eliminated.

Costly machining operations are reduced and often eliminated. No capital equipment investment is needed to produce parts in-house.

Several parts can be made as one casting, reducing handling, assembly and inspection costs.

Splines, holes, bosses, lettering, choke grooves, iris pins, serrations and even some threads can be cast.

Communication of casting design, metallurgical requirements, and testing.
VS Techno Cast manufactures investment castings at a modern facility in Rajkot, India. We utilize modern engineering technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. VSTC prides itself on how we work with our clients from start to finish, quickly and efficiently to bring designs to completed castings. If problems or questions arise, we are readily available to meet and discuss.
Alloy Integrity
Every heat of metal produced by VS Techno Cast is subject to in-house metallurgical testing. In addition, full laboratory certifications of the metal are provided when requested. Our ISO9000 program ensures nonconforming product is well isolated from conforming castings. We can melt from either ingot which has been treated for low gas content, or make any alloy from scratch, using high grade melt stock, all certified before pouring the heat.
Lead Times, Delivery and Shipping Issues
VS Techno Cast works hard to hold standard deliveries to 8 weeks maximum. In cases where fast deliveries are required, we are pleased to work with our clients to meet their requirements. VSTC castings are well packaged and protected, and shipped via courier or freight carrier, usually arriving within days.

Risk of Technology Exchange
VS Techno Cast works with over 200 clients in most every industry in India and other countries. Our parent company was built on integrity, and ours is second-to-none. Our understanding of confidentiality is paramount with all of our relationships. While we take care of all your tooling details on your behalf, you own your tools in the end, and are free to do as you want with them.

Hidden Costs
When VS Techno Cast quotes your castings, we identify all costs related to your specific job. Our prices are quoted FOB our Rajkot, India facility, and where border crossings are necessary, we pay the duty and brokerage, and take care of all the necessary paperwork to make the shipment as easy as possible.

On-Site Visits to the Foundry
VS Techno Cast is located on a Rajkot, India connected to all mega cities via airport. Our location is easy to get to, and we welcome our clients on a regular basis.

Consistency of Product
With investment castings, the more stable and repetitive the manufacturing processes, the more consistency that will be seen in the product. VS Techno Cast has automated systems for wax injection and shell building, and boasts a stable and dedicated group of employees well trained and experienced in the skills needed to produce top quality investment castings.

The Gap Is Closing
The low Indian currency is an attractive feature for companies in the US looking to source cast products, however even when our clients are also located here in India with us, we offer very competitive pricing and every service necessary to meet all of our clients' casting and machining requirements.

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