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Do you buy any kind of metal part in the size range from that which would fit into a box less than 0.5 in. (12.5mm) to one that would require a box as large as 24 in. (610mm)?

Do the designs have wall thickness that range from 0.015 in. (0.38mm) to 2.0 in. (51mm)? Are the parts made of aluminum, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel base alloy, brass, bronze, titanium or cobalt base alloy?

Are the production rates very high?

  If 'Yes' it is worth to read and to see how VS Techno Cast services hundreds of other customers with similar part requirements.

  Since it's founding, VS Techno Cast has become the leading producer of low cost, high quality precision (investment) castings for commercial applications.

  Investment castings are precise dimensionally, have the smoothest surface finishes of any castings in most alloys, and are available in more alloys than from any other process for shaping metals.

  VS Techno Cast employees organized to provide rapid service for a few parts or provide quick delivery of orders for a few dozen parts, and to provide thousands per day - as castings only, as finished machined parts, or as assemblies to provide "one stop" shopping for our customers.

  These assemblies consist of metal and plastic parts made in many processes other than investment casting.

  Engineers and metallurgists with experience in all forms of metal part manufacturer are available to assist you with design, support development and plan production activities. They know if a part should be a casting or should be another process and will make the recommendation best for you, the customer.

  You can take advantage of this experience by contacting VS Techno Cast.

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  Our engineers will review the part function, ambient conditions, stress levels, life needed, stiffness needed, type of loading (continuous or cyclic), and special considerations such as magnetic, thermal expansion or electrical needs, to assist with alloy selection.

  They can then assist with consideration of manufacturing approaches and test designs in those approaches to see which process best fits the alloy and cost objectives of the part or assembly.

  The goal is to produce the lowest cost part, which will provide the desired performance, regardless of the manufacturing process selected. Achieving this may include simplifying the design, reducing the number of parts needed in an assembly, incorporating features to enhance performance, while keeping machining and assembly costs low. If investment castings result from the study, VS Techno Cast can assist you with the design to make certain the lowest cost results.

  If the requirement is an assembly, which requires an investment casting, VS Techno Cast may submit a proposal for doing the complete assembly.

  In any event, VS Techno Cast would at least assist you in contacting another company, if needed, to refine the design and obtain pricing. VS Techno Cast knows its customer's best interest is its best interest and will always make the best recommendation for the customer, regardless of the manufacturing process needed for the part.

  If you decide to work with VS Techno Cast, you can count on it for finite element analysis design support, handling of CAD/CAM software of any kind, short lead time for tooling, installation of whatever facilities are required to support production, and production in facilities which are qualified to the most stringent international and major company quality standards.

  Show our representatives what you do and they will arrange for our engineers to study your part or assembly requirement to see if we can help reduce your cost and make your product better.

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